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32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system

Good quality Touch Screen Kiosk for sales
Good quality Touch Screen Kiosk for sales
Customers Reviews
I plan to take 3000pc 8inch lcd thermometer by Aug, it's so useful to fight against virus, thank you Mercedes, floor stand packing smaller to save shipping cost for me, and sanitizer dispenser on the stand is such a wonderful design, and price is also competitive for my market, well done, Mercedes, more orders will come!

—— Ga from Italy

8inch face recognition camera and temperature sensor screen software is so powerful and your API works well, I tested successfully, pls give me PI of 50sets, 100sets later, just can't wait longer to get!

—— Daniel from USA

8inch android gate access control lcd screen with camera and body temperature sensor really help me a lot for the coronavirus, I just use it standalone, no need internet, I record face and then it recognize me, and test temperature so fast, as long as you stand in front of it, it will test, such a helpful tool during the emergency, thank you.

—— Ma from Italy

Good design for 21.5inch ad player with automatic hand sanitizer dispenser, cool product for Coronavirus period, thank you all, price is so good, I believe in a good business!

—— James from UK

200pc 55inch and 400pc 43inch wall Android vertical display installed today, 4G and Camera work well, 600pc project confirmed already, will come soon

—— G from Singapore

32inch customized outdoor Android 7.1 kiosk with good touch screen, face recognition camera works well, sample test pass, order 50pc, thank you.

—— T from Belgium

4KG Video wall menu board for my restaurant looks good, cheap price, high definition resolution, narrow bezel, thanks a lot for your solution.

—— Ja from Moldova

55inch PCAP touch totem with face recognition camera works very well, goog and safe packing, thank you guys, will take several containers soon

—— Mike from USA

55inch tower with wireless charging pad looks great, with GFCI break inside for safety, thanks for your design, more container will come for sure

—— So from Canada

32inch double-sided touchscreen self service machine works well, stand steadly, also can be fixed on the floor, surely will get more

—— Roy - from USA

Believe in Made in China! Video wall works well, it's amazing, price is much better, thank you.

—— Amy from Korea

10pc 55" outdoor stand works well, impossible at such low price, even ready in stock, fast speed, well done Mercedes!

—— Mr. Georges from USA

Got 24.6" shelf edge stretched display, BOE panel, connect with my own player box, I like them, very good, thank you.

—— Jon from France

49inch touch screen kiosk with printer, camera and microphone works fine, our softwars runs well, thank you.

—— Mr Tobby from France

65inch PCAP touch kiosk and IR touch kiosk with face recognition camera working very well in airport, would like to order 40pc indoor and outdoor 65inch and 75inch kiosk with logitec camera, price accepted by boss, pls send me PI, thanks

—— Sam from UK

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Company News
32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system
32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system

32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system


Genevision came back to work from CNY holiday and the first production case I'd like to share here is 32inch BOE original panel wall-mount IR touch player with Windows system, we also call it all in one lcd screen.


We're producing 100pc 32inch wall-mount touch computer, the touch screen is IR touch. The most expensive part for lcd adveritisng player is the screen, open cell panel and famous brand original panel looks the same, and quality is also similar, open cell cost lower, but most customer would like to go with original panel, why? I think this is because they trust brand more and that's the power of brand. 


Genevision has both open cell panel and original brand panel, currently most of our products are with BOE original panel, which is a famous government-support brand in China, also a brand which has more and more marketing share all over the world, it's aslo Made In China, for us, famous lcd advertising player factory, using BOE panel can keep the same quality as LG also can lower the price a lot, which will benefit all of us.


One of our loyal customer said to us:"do you know why I always buy from you guys? Because I trust you, you're always honest to me, you never charge me for A and in fact you use B component, you always give us several solutions and ask us to chooose, that's the service I want to have, that's the sales man I want to cooperate with."


Genevision is always famous with it's high quality products and the fast delivery time. We pay our attention to all orders, no better it's just a sample order or bulk order.


For any lcd digital signage project, feel free to contact us any time, thank you. :-)


32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system

32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system

32 Inch Wall-mount IR Touch LCD All-in-one Display with Windows system


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